Tips For MacBook Printing

Tips For Mobile Printing On A MacBook Pro Or Air

As with many Apple gadgets in our lives, planning ahead before heading out the door with your portable printer is wise. Whether you're traveling with your MacBook and a HP OfficeJet Mobile Printer or a Canon Laptop Photo Printer - keep these things in mind to get the prints or scans you need on the road:

Mac Laptop Printer Advice

  1. If you rely on battery power for laptop printing: Charge it and laptop before departure.

  2. Double-Check you've packed the printer's AC-power / Recharging cord.

  3. Portable printers don't have paper trays, keep a stack wrinkle-free in a manila envelope.

  4. Protect the printer. HP makes a protective combo printer/laptop case designed for the OfficeJet 100/470 series.

  5. Canon doesn't offer a carry case for their portable printer, but many 15" laptop cases or sleeves work well.

  6. Know your printer's buttons and error light codes down cold.

  7. OSX Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion and Lepoard have built in drivers for most laptop printers, visit manufacturer's site if needed.

  8. You can always look up maintenance and operation tips on the web if needed.

  9. Pack SPARE ink so you don't have to hunt down an OfficeMax, BestBuy or OfficeDepot out of desperation.

  10. Be replacement ink savvy: Know cartridge or tank numbers.

  11. Ink replacement #'s can be confusing. Many printers support several different Standard or Hi-capacity cartridges, may optionally support specific Photo color cartridges instead of Tri-Color inks.

  12. Opt for HIGH-CAPACITY 'XL' replacement in ink carts when possible for more prints per tank.

Portable MacBook Printing

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