Inks & Accessories For Portable Mac Printers

Ink and Laptop Accessories For Portable MacBook Printers

Portable Epson Printer Inks And Accessories

The recently introduced Epson WorkForce WF-100 Wireless Mobile Printer is so new to the mobile printer market, we've yet to see any generic ink tanks for it. The only two products listed are Epson's own T215 Standard-capacity Black Ink Cartridge and T215 Standard-capacity Tri-Color Ink Cartridges. While you might try bottles of generic ink for DIY refills for personal business documents, it can be a messy process and ink formulaitons for truly long-lasting archival photo prints might not hold up over time.

Portable HP Printer Inks and Accessories

If you're an Apple MacBook user and own a HP OfficeJet Mobile Printer here's ink and accessories for your traveling Mac-To-Go printing needs. HP's recommended ink carts for the Hewlett-Packard OfficeJet 100, 150 All-In-One and Discontinued 470 series laptop printers:

Genuine HP Ink Cartridges Travel Printer Protection Remanufactured HP Budget Ink
HP 95 & 98 Cartridges

Black and Color Combo Pack
Mobile Printer Sleeve

For HP 470 and 100 Printers
Remanufactured HP 95/98 5-Pack

3 Black - 2 Color Carts

Budget concious, high-volume portable printer users MAY opt for remanufactured HP carts for thier portable printer. But be aware tho that the ink chemistry may not be optimal, especially for long lasting archival quality photo prints. Nozzles may clog easily, or inks may be off color. At your own risk - but Macbook owners might save a bundle in printer operating costs.

Compatible HP OfficeJet 100 & 470 Cartridges - Note how 94 and 97 are higher capacity cartridges:
HP 98 Black Inkjet Print Cartridge (~440 pages) -- HP 95 Tri-color Inkjet Print Cartridge (~330 pages)
HP 94 Black Inkjet Print Cartridge (~500 pages) -- HP 97 Tri-color Inkjet Print Cartridge (~560 pages)
HP 99 Photo Inkjet Print Cartridge (~100 pages)

Portable Canon Printer Inks and Accessories

For those Apple users who travel with a Canon MacBook Photo Printer - Here's ink and accessories for Canon's portable printing solution:

Genuine Canon Inks For iP110 Pixma iP110 Printer Protection Remanufactured Canon Ink Tanks
iP110 Combo Ink Pack

Two PGI-35 Black & One CLI-36 Color
15" Case-Logic Sleeve

Fits Canon Mobile Printer
Generic Canon 35/36 Combo Pack

iP100 Compatible 5 Black - 3 Color

Portable Primera Trio Scanner/Printer Inks

The multifunction portable Primera Trio Scan and Copy Printer only holds one cartridge. Prints are black-only OR blended color when needed for color with "black" text since the printhead doesn't hold two cartridges. Though Primera is an established player in the label printer market, they're new to the portable printer scene and finding replacement ink at retail locations is unlikely. Forethought and mail-order is the way to go. We recommend High-Yield ink tanks since you get TWICE as many prints for only 25% higher cost.

Black Ink For Primera Trio LiOn Battery For Trio Color Ink For Primera Trio
Hi-Yield Black Primera Ink

Primera 53377 Ink
Battery For Primera Trio

Lasts For 300+ Pages
Hi-Yield Primera Trio Ink

Primera 53376 Ink

About Generic Remanufactured Inks

Again, generic inks may be a bargain - or a nightmare if ink formulations doesn't work well. With printers that use TANKS that snap into a printhead, generic inks and DIY refill kits tend to be fine if forumlated correctly.

However, Canon, HP and Primera use of cartridges with a 'Smart Chip' is problematic. Remanufactured CARTRIDGES who's nozzles are 'replaced' each time you change carts can be quite a money-saver, but many buyers of remanufactured carts often report them not being properly recognized by the printer. To stymie a 3rd-party alternative ink refill market, the manufacturers have built special circuitry into thier carts to prevent 3rd parties from manufacturing competing ink carts, and can be very finicky about recognizing remanufactured and refilled original ones.

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